Burris Ballistic Services

$60 - $120

Burris launched Ballistic Services, a system that calculates the trajectory of rifle loadings and then prints a ballistics table based on the rifle/load-specific data… for free! The company is offering custom elevation turrets for selected scopes based on this data, as well as knob conversions from covered hunter-type knobs to exposed target-type knobs, and vice-versa. The new Modular Adjustment Dial (MAD) System allows for custom knobs to be added to the riflescope to perfectly match the trajectory of any ammunition. A variety of MAD System knob styles are available, including Mil or MOA marked, in capped (low and tall) and exposed (low single-turn, and tall multi-turn), and Custom-Lasered, in capped and exposed. Select riflescope models like Veracity will be delivered with a special access code so customers can order their choice of custom knob.

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