CAMLOCK box Trail Camera Security Boxes

$30 - $60

By: Tony Martins


There’s no question that trail cameras have made hunters more successful. They are arguably the greatest technological advancement in hunting since smokeless powder and telescopic sights. If you hunt, chances are good that you have one or more of these excellent scouting tools. Protecting your investment – particularly where your hunting takes place on public lands – is an important consideration. There is no better way to protect your game scouting cameras than locking them in steel security boxes. These boxes offer the highest level of protection from theft, as well as damage that may be caused by large animals like bears, elk and domestic cattle.


CAMLOCKbox in Wisconsin – – offers high quality steel boxes individually designed for popular camera models, at very competitive prices. Boxes made for Bushnell, Day6, DLC Covert, LTL Acorn, Moultrie, Predator, Primos, Reconyx, ScoutGuard, Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Tasco, Uway, Wildgame Innovation, and Wildview camera models are currently available. I use these boxes with all cams placed on public land. They are attached to a 12-inch minimum diameter tree with two or three 6-inch galvanized lag screws and fender washers. Cameras are locked in the boxes using high security level padlocks. A wise investment, MSRP’s for these steel security boxes range from $30.00 to about $60.00. The company also sells camera mounts, as well as trail camera accessories.

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