Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight


By: Jim and Mary Clary

With the development over the past few years of high output LEDs, there has been a race among flashlight makers to produce units with more and more lumen output.  While that is all well and good, manufacturers have often overlooked that there was still a need for the penlight suitable for pocket or purse.


In order to meet the demand for a reliable penlight and eliminate the need for replacement batteries, Coast introduced the A8R.  This light is rechargeable via AC, DC, or USB ports.  In other words, whether you are at home or in the field, you can probably find a charging source for this light.


The A8R has an output of 12 lumens and a runtime of 1.25 hours, which is more than adequate for penlight applications.  In fact, we have this one in the console tray of our truck, ready for use or recharging, as required.  Simply slip the charging cap over the head of the penlight and the light glows red while charging and turns green when charging is complete.... no guesswork required.


Specifications for the A8R are:

§  Inspection Beam (which we determined to be 12 lumens)

§  Battery type:  1 x 3.7 V, 100 mAh lithium polymer  (included)

§  Plug, car adapter, and USB port for charging

§  Pro-Flex Charging Cap

§  Charge with AC, DC, or USB; All adapters included.

§  19 meter (62.3 ft.) beam distance (closer to 21 meters)

§  1 hour and 15 minutes hour runtime @ 12 lumens

§  Length: 4 in / 101.6 mm

§  Weight: 0.4 oz / 11.34 g (18 g with battery)

§  Diameter: 0.370 in / 9.40 mm

§  Aluminum casing

§  Includes pocket clip

§  Switch - End cap pushbutton

§  Water and shock resistant (impact resistance 1 meter)

§  Charging the light glows red... green once charging is complete

§  Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

§  MSRP:  $49.99


The A8R is not a toy or "big box" special.  It is the smallest and lightest-weight rechargeable penlight on the market.  It is fair to say that "ounce-for-ounce," the A8R is the best on the market.  We are keeping this one and plan on ordering another for the house.

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