Our Team

Heather Glenny

Hunting makes my heart pound and my knees shake like nothing else. I love the hunt. It’s about more than just the trophy, but the whole adventure. The details come together and make the story, the memory, the thrill of the pursuit. With so many options of where to hunt, it’s hard to choose. Some look good on paper and the experience ends up as a disappointment. For the past ten years I have been blessed to experience first hand the worlds greatest whitetail hunting ranch, Quest Haven. Most clients quickly become our friends. There are many different types of hunters and matching that hunter with THEIR hunt is where the dreams become reality. I can help connect you with trusted outfitters, that won’t just provide you with an animal, but that will fulfill your desires, give you the full experience, and leave you with memories for a lifetime. My name is Heather Glenny and I look forward to working with you.

Kasi Geraci

Kasi Geraci is an avid outdoors woman that has a passion to help you find your next hunting and traveling experience! We all know that hunting can have a pretty price tag and Kasi is willing to find your next Hunting at the price that is right for you through her networks in the hunting industry!

Why do I think you should choose me to help you find your next hunt? Well, nothing can compare to “boots on the ground” type experience. I have traveled and hunted many places in the world: Serbia, South Africa, Argentina, North America, & more and my personal experiences I won’t lead you wrong. So, why not go with the most experienced traveling and hunting consult?  From Red Stagg, Roe Deer, Red Lechwe, Archery hunts to Bird Hunts and many animals/involvements in between I have the experience and knowledge to guide you to your dream hunt! 

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Jen O'Hara

Jen O'Hara is the co-founder and CEO of the successful outdoor apparel company, Girls with Guns Clothing, which caters to the woman hunter with fashion tops for after the hunt and state of the art women's technical hunting apparel.  She is also the co-host and co-founder of the up and coming outdoor TV Show, Universal Huntress TV on the Pursuit Channel.  Both of her business endeavors have allowed her to travel the world to hunt (11 countries in the past three years) and become engulfed in the culture of each one.  Her passion for hunting and the outdoors gives her valued experience that cannot be missed.  From a Whitetail Hunt in Kansas to a Bongo hunt in the Congo, this huntress has experienced so much in her lifetime.  Her expertise and business savvy will make your experience booking with Universal Hunter easy. 

Nickie Black

This Georgia College and State University grad and NCAA softball alum enjoys nearly everything outdoors. From hunting to hiking to exploring off the beaten path where few have been. A born, raised and current resident of Athens, Georgia, Nickie enjoys traveling with her son (9) and working on her exotic handbag line, Atriarch Leather which was founded based on total utilization of hunted animals to bring awareness to sustainable hunting.

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