Flavio Ikoma's Civet


By: Jim and Mary Clary

There are a lot of neck knives on the market.  Most have fairly decent blades, but their handles are "skeletonized," often wrapped with paracord for a grip.  They get the job done; however, there are some of us who have always wanted a neck knife that looked like a "regular" knife, except smaller.


After several years of thought, Flavio Ikoma came up with just such a design.  Flavio is a well-known and respected designer from Brazil who combines artistry with functionality in all of his blades.  His Fossil, which we previously reviewed, was a true work of art, as well as being a superb blade.  The Civet now joins the Fossil as a beautiful but functional knife.


The Civet is named after the African "cat" that is a small but effective predator in dispatching just about anything it can get its teeth into.  The Ikoma Civet will accomplish just about the same thing.  It is small, but it is up to just about any task necessary in the field.  It is an all-purpose utility knife that you can carry in your pocket, in your backpack for emergencies, or around your neck (as it was designed for).  The jimping on the spine allows for precise control, and the handle is truly ergonomic in design.  In short, this knife is an excellent blade and a good investment for anyone who ventures into the outdoors.


There is one more feature of the Civet that we found outstanding.  The sheath can be easily taken apart for cleaning out debris, blood, etc.  Because of that feature, there is no excuse for not being able to keep this "cat" clean.



Features and Specifications

  • Model number:  # 2805 Clip Point Civet Bowie (our review)

  • Type:  Neck knife

  • Blade type:  #2805 Clip Point or #2804 Drop Point

  • Blade length:  2.417 inches

  • Blade width:  0.938 inches

  • Blade thickness:  0.121 inches

  • Blade material:  8Cr13MoV

  • Hardness:  56 - 58

  • Edge:  Plain hollow grind

  • Sheath:  Glass-reinforced nylon; Easy Clean; Take Apart

  • Handle:  Glass-reinforced nylon

  • Overall length:  5.0 inches

  • Weight:  1.8 ounces

  • Country of origin:  China

  • 2016 MSRP:  $49.99

If you get the idea that we really like this little knife, you are right.  Its combination of beauty, functionality, and price make it a "must have" for every outdoorsman.  Our only problem is that Jim has to order a second Civet, as Mary claimed ownership of the first one.

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