Evolution Bi-pod

$329.99 - $339.99

Have you ever had so much anxiety and adrenaline pumping through your body that you were unable to remain steady when shooting at your desired target? Ever wished that your gun was angled properly and had solid shooting support so that you could get a successful one-shot kill? Finally, there is a solution and I found it with the Evolution Bi-Pod from Modular Evolution LLC.


            The Evolution Bi-Pod is the perfect shooting support system. It has modular and fixed leg bipods, removable legs, and is quickly adaptable. It transforms from a short-legged bipod to a tripod-mounted shooting support system. There’s even the ability to use it for stand-alone shooting by inserting Modular Evolution’s trekking sticks (an added accessory) for a stabilized tall shooting platform.


            I recently brought along the Evolution Bi-Pod, with its 8.5” - 12” legs, on my Colorado Antelope hunt. I was very impressed with its sleek, high-tech design. Not only does it look nice, it is extremely lightweight, making it a perfect addition when hunting in the backcountry. Another feature that makes it a great product is its functionality and the variety of accessories to choose from, which can assist you in any shooting situation.  


            The Bi-Pod worked flawlessly for me. When I spotted my Antelope, I only had a few seconds to get into a prone shooting position. I quickly lowered the Bi-Pod legs and sprung the extension out. I was about 12 inches off the ground in a good shooting position with a solid dead rest. I leveled my gun and squeezed the trigger… making a perfect 350-yard shot. I owe my successful shot to having good, reliable equipment, such as the Evolution Bi-Pod.


            One of the best features on the Evolution Bi-Pod is its 180-degree rotation. Whatever the shooting angle, the Bi-Pod is adjustable. This is especially helpful when your target is moving and you need to rotate your gun quickly. The product is very solid and locks into place extremely well. The carbon fiber legs are a great addition as they cut down on the overall weight.


            The Evolution Bi-Pod has accessories that adapt to your needs, making it the only Bi-Pod you will own. Accessories include trekking poles, rail adaptors, custom length legs, and tripod adaptors. The rail adaptor replaces the sling swivel stud on the for-end of your rifle, to enable a quick detach of the Evolution Bi-Pod. The adaptor accessory allows you to attach to any universal tripod. It comes with extended legs that can easily be added on to the current legs or taken off. Moving back and forth between all these features is easy and can be done flawlessly.



If you participate in tactical shooting or you’re just an average hunter, the Evolution Bi-Pod is a must-have. It is high-quality, lightweight, and durable, and there are a variety of accessories available to ensure shooting accuracy. And best of all, Modular Evolution products are proudly made in the United States of America. Get yours today … you won’t be disappointed!



Features & Specifications:

- 8.5” – 12” Height

- 4” Height with Legs at 45 degrees

- Removable Legs

- Locking Quick Detach Attachment

- 20 Degree Pivoting Head with Lever Lock

- Leg Positions - 0, 45, 90, 125, and 180 degrees

- Light Carbon Fiber Legs and Accessories

- Spring Loaded Extending Legs

- ADM-MFG, Tactical Locking Lever

- Made in USA


The Evolution Bi-Pod has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $329.99 - $339.99. Price varies depending on leg size and is available for purchase on their website. For more information on the Evolution Bi-pod and other Modular Evolution products, go to http://www.evolutionbipod.com 

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