Frankford Arsenal's Media Separator


By:  Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

We must confess that for many years we did not use any kind of media separator.  We never had to tumble that many cases, so we used dry media exclusively and dug through the stuff to extract our cases and tap out the excess.  It was a bit messy, but didn't cost anything, except our time (which was free).


Over time, as we got into target shooting and testing of various rifles, we found ourselves tumbling more and more cases.  What was once a minor task, became very time consuming and …........ well, you get the idea.  It is no fun to dig through a tumbler to extract a hundred or more cases and tap each one to remove the excess media.  Reluctantly, Jim agreed to try out the Frankford Arsenal Media Separator.... an old dog can learn new tricks..... if one is persistent.


Long story short, after using it to polish up several hundred .35 Remington cases that we were preparing for testing with the new Henry Side Gate loading rifle, he asked me why I had not pushed him to get the Separator sooner.  Of course, it was all my fault.......NOT.   


Operation of the Frankford Arsenal Media Separator is foolproof:  The sifter separates dry, wet media and stainless steel pins.  The heavy-duty rubber latch prevents the sifter from opening under heavy loads.  There is a handle on both sides of the sifter which permits ambidextrous use.  The perforated sifter allows the media and water (when used) to fall into the strainers below.  The strainer immediately below the sifter captures the media, while water drains into the second bucket underneath.  The result is, the polished brass remains in the sifter, dry media and of pins are retained in the first strainer and the water is captured in the bottom.  It could not be any more simple.  


If you are a reloader, you will never regret purchasing this unit.  At an 2019 MSRP of $42.99, it is a real bargain.  We definitely recommend this one.... try it and you will never go back to the old ways.

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