GAMO Swarm Fusion 10X G2 Air Rifle


By:  Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

When we tested and reviewed the original Gamo Swarm two years ago, it represented a major advancement in break-action air rifles.  It incorporated a “10X Quick-Shot” magazine that reloaded each time the gun was cocked.  It took many years for the engineers at Gamo to develop and refine this system before they decided to patent it. 


The 10X Quick-Shot magazine was really great for target shooters as well as varmint hunters.  It worked flawlessly and when coupled with the well-balanced Swarm rifle, it allowed one to get back on target quickly.

Quick-Shot Magazine:  Illustration courtesy of Gamo, Inc.


There were several other innovations on the original Swarm, which are still present in the G2 model, and we will discuss them shortly.  The question some folks have is why a second-generation Swarm when the first one works so well.  Excellent question and very simple to answer.


The original 10X Quick-Shot assembly had a high profile on the barrel which precluded the addition of open sights.  Whether you liked it or not, you had to use the scope on the original.  However, not so with the G2.  After considerable effort, the engineers at Gamo refined the assembly, giving it a lower profile AND incorporated adjustable fiber optic open sights.  Thus, on the Swarm G2, one has the option of using either the open sights or included 3-9x40 telescopic sight.  That is an improvement that a lot of us “wished” for.  

Quick-Shot Assembly:  Illustration courtesy of Gamo, Inc.


And, to make the new G2 even easier to hold on target, they added a thumbhole stock.  While Jim prefers a straight stock, I have thumbhole stocks on several of my centerfire rifles and am really partial to them, as they (in my opinion) allow for a more precise “hold on target”.


If the above modifications don't make you want to pick up the new Swarm G2, maybe a brief discussion of it's unique characteristics when compared to other air rifles will convince you.


First is the Recoil Reducing Rail system (RRR). Most airguns have grooves for mounting the scope rings, similar to a lot of conventional rimfire firearms. A common problem has been the inability to tighten the rings down to prevent slipping due to the intense recoil of high-power airguns. That problem has been eliminated with a very secure 5-screw mounted rail (RRR). This “picatinny style” rail consists of two pieces that are separated by polymer struts. The unique design of this patent-pending design virtually eliminates the recoil-stress on the internal components of the riflescope.  After two years of heavy use with the original Swarm (taking out varmints on the farm) and the scope has never budged.

The Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) recoil pad that has become a “trademark” on Gamo rifles is still there and just as effective as the Limbsaver pads on our high-power hunting rifles. There are very few airgun makers that bother putting effective recoil pads on their guns. Most manufacturers simply use a piece of molded rubber to cover the butt stock and call it a “recoil pad”, not Gamo.  The SWB pad is the real deal.


GAMO's Whisper Fusion sound suppression technology was designed to quiet down their spring and gas piston powered airguns and mitigate the “twang.” That technology was also applied in the Swarm G2.


The conventional spring power plant found on some GAMO (and other manufacturers) airguns has been replaced with a pneumatic cylinder in the Swarm.  This is called the Inert Gas Cylinder (Inert Gas Technology – IGT). When cocked, it compresses the air to deliver a consistent pressure which propels a .177 PBA pellet to a velocity up to 1,300 fps and a .22 PBA pellet to a velocity up to 975 fps. Our Swarm G2 is the .22 caliber version and we confirmed a velocity of 945 +/- 20 fps after multiple tests with our Caldwell Premium Chronograph.

Statistics and specifications are fine, but are meaningless if the gun does not shoot accurately.  The following target should answer that question for all readers.  It is a five-shot group, shot at 25 yards off a Caldwell Rock front rest.

The Custom Action Trigger (CAT) allows the shooter to independently adjust both the first and second stage of the trigger. It is great, and out of the box, the trigger pull was set at just over 3 pounds... quite satisfactory for accurate shooting.


The following are the specifications for the Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X G2 Rifle:

  • 10-shot repeater

  • Break-barrel action

  • Cocking Effort ~ 30 pounds

  • Patented polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel

  • IGT (Inert Gas Technology) gas piston power plant

  • Calibers available & average velocities:  0.177 @ 1,300 FPS & .22 @ 975 FPS

  • Whisper Fusion sound dampening

  • 10X Gen 2 Quick-Shot system

  • 3-9x40 scope with rings

  • Fiber optic front and rear sights

  • RRR Recoil Reducing Scope Rail

  • 11mm dovetail scope rail

  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT) – 2 stage adjustable

  • Automotive-grade, glass-filled nylon, all-weather checkered ambidextrous stock

  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad

  • Manual safety

  • Gun Weight:  5.78 lbs

  • Overall Length:  45.7 inches

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • 2019 MSRP:  $299.99 (less online)


In a previous article, we mentioned the GAMO ProShot ID System. This system was devised by GAMO and is unique in the airgun field. As such, we felt it was worth discussing again. It labels the best application for each rifle in their line AND it matches the various GAMO pellets to those applications. The system involves three color codings: Red, Green & Blue.

PEST CONTROL & RECREATION : Provides accuracy and high velocity – ideal for nuisance animals such as mice, rats, birds, and snakes. Also perfect for recreational shooting.

HUNTING : Delivers accuracy with higher energy downrange for ultimate impact and penetration — ideal for small game such as rabbits, squirrels, Raccoons, and crows.

  • TARGET & COMPETITION : Offers the ultimate in accuracy and consistent performance — ideal for both training and competitive shooting.


The ProShot ID System by no means indicates that a particular gun can't be used for one of the other applications. It is a recommendation to help the consumer decide which gun is right for them. And, since the GAMO pellets are also color-banded, we no longer have to guess which pellet is best for our shooting. We just look for the appropriate color marking on the package and pay the clerk at checkout.

About the only thing that GAMO can't do for you is shoot the gun.

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