Iron Man Pro by BIGshot Targets

$89.99 - $249.00

By: Tony Martins

Stopping arrows flying more than 400 feet-per-second can be a real problem – particularly for crossbow shooters – and most don’t want to spend more money for a target that works than was paid for the crossbow! Here’s a great solution to this problem: Iron Man Pro military grade targets by BIGshot Targets ( Available in 4 sportsman sizes, from 14”x14”x8” (perfect to take on your hunt or for the backyard, at $34.99 MSRP), 18”x18”x12” (won’t fall over with high hits, shown here at $89.99 MSRP), 24”x24”x10” (larger format for longer shots at $129.99 MSRP), to 30”x30”x15” (extreme duty at $249.00 MSRP, with optional stand). Two competition and commercial sizes are also available (41”x41” and 48”x48”). And best of all, arrow removal is easy as butter… seriously.


Iron Man targets use triple-compressed military fiber fill, which takes shot after shot from high velocity arrows and bolts, yet provides easy extraction with a two-finger pull. Their hardened outer cases allow for improved compression and guarantee that high kinetic energy shots will not knock them over, even when hit high. Recently, I have been using the 2-sided IRONMAN 18 with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow, which fires 26-inch 375-grain arrows at a blistering 450 feet-per-second. These arrows often pass-through traditional bag and block type targets, but the IRONMAN 18 stops them dead every time after only a few inches of penetration. This is simply the best and most durable personal archery target I have ever used, and it’s affordable too!


BIGshot Archery offers a full line of field point, broadhead, and commercial range targets. With over 160 dealers in the northeast, Midwest, and west coast, they are currently looking to expand their dealer network. In their continuing quest to provide quality targets that solve real problems for archers, archery pro shops, and archery clubs, they have recently added R&W 3D Archery Targets, and built the first 500 foot-per-second target in the industry: The 24”x24” BIGshot Extreme 500.

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