Final Issue

A short preview of our final issue. 

January/February/march 2017

My 2 Favorite Hunts

By: Tim Herald


I am truly blessed to be able to make my living as an outdoor writer, television host, and consultant for Worldwide Trophy Adventures. In these capacities, I have had the opportunity to travel the world in search of the best hunting destinations and experiences and meet thousands of like- minded hunters. The question I am asked the most is without a doubt, “What is your favorite

hunt?” That is a tough one as so many hunting experiences are unique when considering the location, hunting method, animal being pursued, season, climate, etc. I have narrowed my absolute favorites down to two. I always answer that my favorite North American hunt is elk during the bugle, and my favorite international hunt is elephant by tracking. These hunts are very different, but they both stand out for a number of reasons that catapult them to the top of my list. 

Triggering Positive Memories

By: Julie McQueen


What is it about an early morning ride to your hunting spot? The truck is warm, maybe even too warm with the multiple layers of clothing that you put on in the dark this morning. The hum of the road makes you tired, but the anticipation of the morning hunt keeps your brain on edge. You visualize the animal walking into range and quartering slightly away. Just before you pull the trigger in your imagination, the truck hits a bump in the road and brings you back to reality. 

Oak Creek Revisited

By: Larry Weishuhn


“Larry, it’s been a couple of years since you last hunted with us at Oak Creek. Would love to have you come back again.” As Donald Hill, owner of Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, located in central Missouri, spoke, my mind drifted to years past and some of the absolute monster whitetail bucks I had taken hunting with Donald. All of those bucks had been taken with handguns, save one which I shot with a rifle. He continued, “Would love to have you come in early to mid-November just about the time the rut starts. Be a good time to rattle up some bucks, could be fun...” 

The South African Bug

By: Jen O'Hara 

Iwill never forget on my very first journey to South Africa when Kappie, our Producer for
our TV Show Girls with Guns® TV, met Norissa and I at the airport for the first time. Not 20 minutes after meeting, he started explaining about this bug that we had to watch out for on our first trip. Norissa, always scared of bugs, anxiously asked him what is was that she had to look out for. Kappie chuckled and said, “It’s the South Africa Bug... Once you come here you will always want to come back.” I didn’t realize until 8 days later at the end of my trip how right he was. 

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