LensPen – the Perfect Holiday Gift For Anyone Who Loves the Outdoors


Searching for a gift for the outdoor enthusiast on your list? Look no further than LensPen. For more than two decades LensPen has been a trusted source for removing fingerprints and smudges from fine optics. They’re the perfect holiday gift for anyone with a camera, binoculars or scope.

LensPen offers several products that safely clean lenses, filters and LCD displays. Use the Original LensPen to clean DSLR, binocular and scope lenses; MiniPro for GoPro and other action cameras; MicroPro for eyepieces; FilterKlear for filters and DigiKlear for LCD displays. All feature a retractable natural brush on one end, and a cleaning tip embedded with LensPen’s carbon cleaning technology on the other for fast, effective cleaning. Every time the cap is twisted back in place the carbon in the cleaning tip is recharged.

LensPen products are sleek and compact and fit easily in a camera bag or pack. They’re environmentally friendly and will provide 500 cleanings each. There’s no need for any messy sprays, wipes, tissues or cloths. And they make very affordable stocking stuffers too!

Use the Original LensPen to clean binocular, scope and DSLR lenses; MiniPro to clean lenses on GoPro and other action cameras. The LensPen OutdoorPro kit includes an Original LensPen, MiniPro, FogKlear anti-fog cloth, MicroKlear microfiber cloth and a carrying case with belt loop.

For more information on LensPen products, go to www.lenspen.com. Watch LensPen clean at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXA6xynDz1c.

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