Ruger Ammunition

Ruger launched “the next generation of self-defense technology” with the introduction of Ruger ARX Ammunition. Manufactured in the U.S. by PolyCase under license from Sturm-Ruger, ARX ammo achieves extreme performance in a cutting-edge design with a unique bullet profile that transfers maximum energy to the target, at high speed with low recoil. The non-expanding Ruger ARX exploits velocity to redirect energy laterally via flutes in the bullet face. This results in stopping power and terminal performance that rivals many expanding handgun bullets. The design allows the ARX to feed like a round nose and penetrate various barriers without deformation, yet the copper/polymer bullets fragment on striking solid backstops – ideal for use at indoor ranges. These are available in 9mm Luger, .380 Auto, .45 Auto, and .40 S&W (soon).

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