Q & A with Melissa Bachman

As one of the more well-known huntresses in outdoor TV, Melissa Bachman spends nearly 200 days in the field filming for her show, “Winchester Deadly Passion,” which currently airs on Sportsman Channel Sundays at 11:30 a.m. ET. She’s currently in the stand hunting in Illinois, but we were able to grab her for a few minutes. Learn more at MelissaBachman.Com

Q: You’ve been in outdoor TV for quite sometime now – what piece of advice were you given that was gold?

A: The one piece of advice someone gave me was nothing will pay off more than hard work and that is the absolute truth. You can’t wait around for things to happen. Some people may catch a big break, but by working hard and never giving up you don’t have to wait on a break, you can create your own opportunities and that’s exactly what I’ve done. It hasn’t been easy and it has been extremely long hours year after year, but if you believe in yourself enough and are willing to work hard, anything is possible.

Q: What's one rookie mistake you've made hunting?

A: I was mule deer hunting in Alberta and thought I spotted a muley bedded in some high grass. After a couple hours of glassing and watching variety of other deer we decided to try and get a closer look. We stalked into the area trying to see in the grass but figured he had left. Hoping to get a better vantage point and see down into the grass I spotted some round bales on the field edge that I thought may provide a better vantage point….except I completely fell off the thing! I couldn’t get a good grip on the bale and slid off. After trying twice I fell to the ground, started laughing, and assumed the muley was gone. But he wasn’t, as I was laying on the ground the buck stood up within shooting distance of us and my friend shouted “big buck!” He had been there the entire time and I actually had the right idea if I could have got on the bale. This buck looked back at us for a second and then bounded off. It was a buck of a lifetime. You can see the video on my Facebook page: http://facebook.com/winchesterdeadlypassion

Q: We know you have a huge impact on your younger audience looking up to your hunts. What is the best way to get young girls interested in hunting?

A: Best thing you can do is to start out shooting at a range. Get them comfortable with the noise and all aspects of the gun – from bullets to cleaning all parts. Then, take them shopping! Don’t pick out the clothes for them, but allow them to get excited at the retail store looking at all the options. Have a staffer help you make them feel like a princess for an hour. Lastly, pick a couple hunts that are fun, keeping in mind weather and length of time spent in the field.

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