The COAST HP3R Rechargeable Penlight

The trouble with most penlights is that they are simply not bright enough for anything but close inspections. That all changed with the introduction of the Coast HP3R. This little critter puts out a remarkable 245 lumens on high. That is more than a lot of standard sized flashlights. You have the option of using two AAA batteries or the included lithium-polymer rechargeable battery. Either way you have a penlight that is truly useful.

This penlight has a high and a low setting. The high setting puts out the 245 lumens indicated above with a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The low setting converts this penlight into a regular inspection unit with a 26 lumen output, but with a 6 hour runtime. Both of the runtimes are very impressive for the lumen output.

And, if the lumen output was not a strong enough selling point, then the high beam illumination distance of 305 feet (93 meters) should convince you that this light should be a part of your regular field gear. It is ideal for hunters or backpackers who are in the mountains at night. It is compact, virtually unbreakable and carries a lifetime guarantee.

The specifications for the HP3R are:

Weight: 1.8 ounces (51 grams)

Length: 5.8125 inches (14.76 cm)

Twist Focus on high or low beam settings

Meets ANSI and FL1 standards

MicroUSB cord, automotive and AC wall adapters included

Bottom line: This is the most powerful penlight on the market today (it's more powerful than a lot of standard sized flashlights). Given its size, quality and lumen output there is no excuse why every outdoorsman should not have one in their their kit. The truth be known, just about everyone who reads this would benefit by keeping one in the glove compartment of their vehicle.

With a 2018 MSRP of $90, the HP3R isn't cheap.... BUT, given the peace of mind and safety that it would afford one under adverse conditions.... the price is right.

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